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Activities Report 2020-21
Activities Report 2019-20
  • *The Inauguration of batch 2019 – 2020 was conducted on 4th July 2019. The Chief Guest was Dr.Gururaj Karajagi, Chairman, Academy for Creative Teaching,(ACT) and was presided by Dr.Shakuntala Katre, Secretary (Academics), M.E.S Group of Institutions.

    * On 9th and 10th July 2019, yoga, meditation and personality development programmes were conducted for 1 yr B.Com and BBA students in association with Disha

    * Industry Readiness Programme was conducted in association with Xplore Consultancy Pvt. Ltd., for 3 yr B.Com and BBA students from 15th July 2019 to 18th July 2019 and 22nd July 2019.

    *Tally Orientation Programme of Batch 2019 – I yr B.Com was conducted on 17th July 2019.  The Chief Guest was Sri. Srikanth, Director, Kayaka Computer Education Pvt Ltd. Smt. Vidya, Master Trainer, Kayaka Computer Education Pvt Ltd., were also present on the occasion.

    * On 20th July 2019,VAK SURABHI-“The Flow of Thoughts” series was inaugurated. Sri Sulibele Chakravarthy, spoke on the topic - Patriotism, Nationality and Integrity and on the importance of rivers and the revival of Vrishabhavathi River.

    * A Seminar on Equity Power Lesson was conducted on 24th July 2019 for II year BCom, II year BBA and III Year BBA. The Guest Speaker was Mr.Vijayraghavan, Founder Director- Stockathon.

    * On 27th July 2019, the elections for the Students Council was held.  MESIOM adopted digital polling for elections for the first time.

    * The inauguration of the Equal Opportunity Cell was held on 30th July 2019.  Dr.Wooday P Krishna, President, Karnataka Gandhi SmarakaNidhi, Gandhi Bhavan, Bangalore, was the Chief Guest and the Special invitees were Smt. Chandramma K, Social Worker and Kannada Writer, Secretary, Sri Matha Trust and Smt Meena, Cousellor, M.E.S Group of Institutions.

    * On 2 and 3 Aug 2019 Pratibha Karanjiand Investiture Ceremony of Student’s Council was held.  Dr.Chidananda Murthy, famous Kannada Writer andThinker of Kannada literature was the Chief Guest.The Special Invitee was VidwanSir.ChintalpalliSrinivas, Singer and Musician and was presided by Prof.SheshadriIyengar, Vice President, MES Group of Institutions.

    * A seminar on Navigating Challenges was conducted for I year BCom and BBM students on 7th Aug 2019.Dr Preethi.M. Galagali, Adolescent Paediatrician, was the Guest Speaker.

    * On 07th Aug 2019, the Commerce and Management Forum conducted Business quiz.

    * Library Day and Book Exhibition were conducted on 14th Aug 2019. The Chief Guest of the occasion was Dr.GaneshBhatta.H.S, Consultant, School Development, M.E.S Group of Institutions.

    * On 15th Aug 2019, Independence Day was celebrated. The Chief Guest of the occasion was Prof.RavindraReshme, Rtd. Professor of Botany, Freelance Journalist and orator.

    * The inauguration of the Entrepreneurial Cell was held on 21st Aug 2019 and the Chief Guest of the event was Mrs.Suman S Raju, Asst. Director (mechanical), MSME Development of India, Bangalore.The Guest of honour was Mrs.JyothiBalakrishna, Former President, AWAKE & Proprietor of Lakshmi Embroidery.

    * On 24th Aug 2019, VAK-SURABHI “Flow of Thoughts” series was conducted. The Guest Speaker Dr.Chandraguptha IPS, SP, Economic offences Division and cyber Crime, Division CID,addressed the students on the topic - “Educational and Social Responsibilities of UG students”.

    * A Seminar on VachanaSahithya was conducted for II Year B.Com students on 22nd Aug 2019. Dr.Lingarajaiah, Department of Kannada, KLE College, addressed the students on the textbook content.

    * Ganesh Chaturthi was celebrated on 2nd Sept 2019.

    * On 4th Sept 2019 a Workshop on Gender and Equality was conducted for I yrBCom and BBA students. Smt.Manasa and Smt.Pallavi conducted the workshop.

    * On 6th Sept 2019, a Seminar onFinal Accounts was organised for I Year BComand BBA students. Dr.D.V.Rajesh Kumar, Founder of ‘VittamPravinaGurushala’ (Finance Expert Academy) was the speaker of the seminar.

    * Teachers Day was celebrated on 7th Sept 2019.  The Chief Guest of the programme was Sri.Suresh Kumar, M.L.A, Primary and Secondary Education Minister, Government of Karnataka.The Guest of honour was Dr.T.V.Raju, Director of Planning, R.V.Institutions and it was presided by Prof.SheshadriIyengar, Vice-President, M.E.S group of Institutions. 

    *On 17th Sept 2019 College team selections concluded for boys and girls for different events like Chess, Table Tennis, Badminton, Kabaddi, Athletics, Volley Ball and Football.

    *Hindi Diwas – Tarangini was held on 24th Sept 2019. The Chief Guest of the programme was Prof.Latha Chauha, HOD, Department of Hindi, Dr.B.R.Ambedkar  College, Bangalore.

    *The Rotaract Club Installation Programme was held on 25th Sept 2019 and the Chief Guest for the event was Rtn. Mohan Velen, Rotary Club, North Bangalore

    *The IQAC meeting was held on 9th Sept 2019.

    *On 13th Sept 2019 Nudi Habba and Inauguration of ‘Dhrusti’- the talent wing of Student Council was organised. The Chief Guest of the programme was Prof.S.D.Siddaramaiah, Poet and Ex-President Kannada Abhi Vrudhi Pradhikara. The Special Invitee was Dr.Shashikala, Asst.Prof. in Kannada Adhyayana Kendra and was presided by Dr.H.Shashidhar, Retd.IAS officer, Member of M.E.S Group of Institutions.

    *The Commerce and Management Club conducted Product Launch competitions on 25th Sept 2019 on the theme – Eco-friendly products. The judges were Sri.Govinda Shetty Nagaraj, Founder, NEST, DMAIC Consultancy and Sri. Jagannathan.N, Senior Consultant, DMAIC Consultancy

    *On 30th Sept 2019, an Orientation on Financial Planning-“Investor Awareness Programme” was organized. The Speaker was Ms.Namratha Arora ,Knowise Learning Academy Indi Private Ltd.

    * An orientation on “Practical Skill Development” was conducted for I BCom students on 3rd Oct 2019 and the speaker was Dr.B.G.Bhaskara, Principal, Vivekananda Degree College.


    *A Seminar on Human Rights was organized for 1 yrBCom and BBA students on 3rd Oct 2019 and the Speaker was  Sri.Shivkumar.L, Advocate.


    *Saraswathi Pooja was celebrated on 5thOct 2019.


    *On 12th Oct 2019 Vak-surabhi- “Flow of Thoughts” series was organized on the topic “Values and Ethics in Harnessing the Demographic Dividend”. Sri.Annamalai, Ex-IPS officer addressed the students. 16/10/2019


    *The Commerce and Management and EDP Cell organized Logo Designing competition on 16th Oct 2019.


    *The final year students went on an excursion to Goa, Dandeli and Karwar from 22nd Oct to 26th Oct 2019.


    *On 25th December2019, the annual Kalavedi, intra MES cultural competitions were held and the students of MESIOM performed the kannada play – Kerege Hara.


    From 17th Jan 2020 to 24th Jan 2020, the 7 days annual NSS Camp was conducted at *Kadatanamale village and about 80 students were a part of it.

    *VakSurabhi – the flow of thoughts series was held on 15th Jan 2020 and Prof.Siddananda addressed the students on the topic – Values and Ethics in MankutimmanaKagga.


    *On 15th Jan 2020, orientation on Budget Analysis was conducted and Prof.Siddananda was the Guest Speaker.


    *Republic Day was celebrated on 26th Jan 2020


    *The Commerce and Management Club conducted Best Manager Competition in the first week of March 2020 and the judges for the competition were Mr.Bhaskar, CA and Mr. Ganesh J Shettigar, CA


    *The Annual Sports Meet was conducted on 7th March 2020 at Milk Colony grounds.


    *International Women’s Day was celebrated on 09th Mar 2020 and the Chief Guest was Smt. Sujatha Shanbhag, Advisor, NAAC, Bangalore.




    *On Online FDP was organized in association with Disha on the topic“Prerana- The New warriors of the New Normal World” on 28th May 2020.


    *On account of World Environment Day, an e-quiz was conducted on Environmental issues on 5th June 2020.


    *Online webinar was conducted for final year students on “Positive thinking and Goal Orientation” on 8th June 2020. The Guest Speaker was Dr.H.S.GaneshaBhatta, Director Academics, MES Institutions.

    *A Webinar on ‘Integrating Career to Life’ was held on 26th June 2020 and the Guest Speakers were Mr.Arvind.K.R, Alumnus, MESIOM and Mr.Shankar.E, Alumnus, MESIOM.


    *An Online FDP was organized by Dept.of.Kannada on the‘Sahitya Bodhane mathu Adhayayana’ on 16th July 2020. The Guest Speaker wasDr.B.M.Puttaiah, Faculty, Kannada SahityaAdhyayana Kendra, Hampi University and was presided by Dr..H.S.Ganesh Bhatta, Director Academics, MES Institutions.


    *On 17th July 2020, an Online FDP was organized on ‘Awareness on Covid-19 and the Speaker wasDr.A.P.Somashekhar, Paediatrician,Prinicpal, M.S.Ramaiah Medical College and was presided by Dr.S.Sharada, Principal, MESIOM.


    *On 21nd July 2020, Dept of Kannada organised on online webinar on ‘VachanaS ahityadalli Sarvakalika Nelegalu’. The Speaker was Dr.Asha Devi, Faculty, Maharani’s Women’s Science College, Bangalore and was presided byDr.H.S.Ganesha Bhatta, Director Academics, MES Institutions.


    *On 23rd July 2020, Online State Level FDP was organized as IQAC and Dharini- Eco Club on ‘A bird’s eye view on ethno medicinal plants’ The Speaker was Dr.N. Venugopal, Academic Secretary, Karnataka Yadava Educational Society and Retd. Prof., SJRC, Bangalore and was presided by Dr.Nalini.G.S, Prinicipal, MES MPL Shastry PU College.


    *The 6th edition of VakSurabhi – The flow of thoughts, was held on 27th July 2020. The Speaker was Mr.NivendanNempe, Entrepreneur, CEO, Areca Tea and Recipient of the first Make In India award.


Extra curricular activities

  • Disha is non-profit social initiative that aims to plug this vital gap using value education as a vehicle, Disha endeavors to guide and calalyze young minds to carry forward the rich and glorious legacy of our nation.
  • Our College has collaboration with Disha and conducted various activities like yoga, counseling, quiz, Personality Development Programme.

Big data analytics, the hottest buzzword of all, is growing faster than ever. Its predicted that by 2020, about 1.5 megabytes of data will be created every second. As per the current market demands, there is a shortage of professionals who can fill up the vacancies bridging the gap between Analytics and business.


MESIOM conducted a State Level Seminar on Big Data & Analytics in Commerce and Management on 9th May, 2019. The Chief Guest of the Inauguration was Dr.T.V.Raju, Director, - Planning,RV Institutions and the President of the occasion was Sri.Krishna Kumar, Retd. IAS,President, MESInstitutions.



In the Inaugural address on Big data analytics Dr.TV Raju, quoted "education is not preparation for life, it is life itself", "Investment in education is the best investment''. He opined that from 1970 till date there has been a 75 times growth in academic institutions - 900 universities, 45,000 colleges, and 35 million students are there at present. Although there is tremendous progress in quantity, the quality of students has not been elevated. He added that Knowledge is power only when it is applied and capacity building in youth is more important issue. If we want a development we approach BDA, likewise,if we want a development in knowledge BDA (big data analytics) can be approached.


BDA is a complex process, examining large data, uncovering lot of things, hidden patterns, and

correlations, market trends means to analyze data sets and draw conclusions generating revenue, better competition, customer service, marketing etc. He also talked about volume of data velocity and veracity of data resulting in cost reduction, better decision making and growth, sustainability in the current competitive world.


Sri. Krishna Kumar, Retd. IAS and President of MES Institutions, opined that we have to focus on analytics. The additional data over and above what we learn in classrooms, library, journals, net, and some data involuntarily generated should be analyzed and consumed. Increase in volume and varieties of data should avoid fake data, he said, quoting the example of 2016 US Presidential elections being false data information produced by social medias. He insisted more on veracity-truthfulness of data and not to be bombarded with false information moving from mercantile capitalism to internet capitalism.




Technical Session I - Big Data and Applications

Dr. N.K Srinath, Dean, Academician, RVCE,


Briefing about Big data he said that Data refers to records or recordings encoded for use in computer, more widely used to refer statistical observations and collection of evidence. It is

a symbol set that is quantified or qualified. He talked about levels of data from KB's to YB's

(yottabytes).What is BIG DATA? Big data is basically a massive volume of structured and unstructured data collected using traditional data and software techniques. In most enterprises the volume of data is too big or it moves too fast or in excess of current processing capacity. It describes voluminous amount of structured, semi structured and unstructured data. It is generated by everything around us at all times,arriving at multiple sources at an alarming variety,velocity and veracity.NYSE generates about 1TB of data per day to perform stock trading analytics. Airlines collect 10 TB of data every 50 minutes of flying time. Key drives for big data is business, technology and finance.Business gives opportunities to enable new innovative business models, potentiality for new insights that drive competitive advantages. In technology, data is collected and stored continuously to grow exponentially. There is an increase in data everywhere and in many formats and traditional solutions are failing under new requirements.Financially cost of data system as a percentage is speed and continues to grow. Properties of Big data system include robustness, low latency rate. When there is a duplication of data it is not possible to get right results, delay to be reduced depending upon problems, process and latency changes. This should be activated without robustness of system.

Scalability: when number of data increases exponentially it is difficult to crunch data resources. Generalization: to support wide range of applications. Extensibility: enable to discover intensity of things. More complexity of a system, the more likely something functionality to be added with a minimum development cost. Example, a new factor or change to an existing factor requires a migration of old data into new format.


Ad hoc queries: arbitrary questions will go wrong and it is required to understand the system of debug.Debug ability is an important factor because error can occur anywhere. Analyzing data can give business an edge over the competition and business would flourish. Big data analysis is a process of examining large and valid sets to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations, market trends, customer preferences and other useful information that can help organizations to harness their data and use it to identify new opportunities which in turn leads to smart business moves, more efficient operations, higher profits and happier customers. The key career prospects in big data are -Data analyst, statistician, data scientist, data engineers, data architect, Business analyst,data andanalytics manager.


Technical Session II

Dr. Saroj Kumar Meher, Associate Professor,

Indian Statistical Institute-Machine Learning in E-commerce

Dr. Saroj opined that brains are the natural machines. Machine processes output based on input,if input is wrong or not understandable, machine processes its own output which may not be useful for us. Input should be provided by the person who understands the problem, who is a domain expert. Heart of data science is machine learning. Machine can be a helping hand but it cannot actually replace a human brain. He added that data on its own is useless unless we can make sense of it. He spoke about types of analytics that are prescriptive, predictive and descriptive.



Technical Session III

Dr. S. Nagarajan, Director - Research, CGN

World Career prospects in big data analytics:


Talking about career consciousness, Dr.Nagarajan said that learning is a totally different aspect; it is not qualification that matters but the skills that we hold. He said that opportunities in IT industry are in Application development, application maintenance, software testing in IT software,networking, informal security, system admin in IT infrastructure, data modelling, ETL, PL/SQL in database, data science, machine learning, verification in analytics.Data science, robotic process, automation, machine learning, IOT, voice are the trending technologies and the evolution of business analytics from 5000BC to the current time.


Business analytics offers the opportunity to explore all the industry wise demand in finance,

manufacturing, market, government, commerce and energy. Business analytics have potentiality to resolve all the problem areas which cause hindrances in growth of enterprise. Facts and figures are based on trends with the industry witnessed when business analytics is implemented including various percentage of areas.



The seminar ended with the Valedictory program and Dr. Dilip Mavinkurve, Former MD, SBM and Treasurer, MES Institutions, gave the Valedictory Address and the Closing Remarks.


Rotaract club

Rotaract Club is a wing of the Rotary club, North, which encourages the youth to give back to society. The Rotaract Club of MESIOM participates actively in many programmes to serve society. Annual blood donation and heart checkup camps conduct in MESIOM premises for the students and general public. The Rotaract club tries to instill humanitarian values in the students. The Rotaract Club of MESIOM provides extensive service for social activities like conducting various cultural and sports events for orphanages in Bangalore, visit old age homes, Raila Programme and many more.

Commerce and Management Club

 The Commerce and Management Club aims at preparing the students to face the realms of the corporate world through its various activities like industrial visits , budget analysis, seminars, workshops, conferences, projects and internship programmes, Ankura- an Intercollegiate management and cultural fest.

Entrepreneurship Development Cell

 The EDP Cell conducts activities which aim at developing the entrepreneurial skills through activities like swayam Anveshana, samanvitha and Industrial Motivational Campaign in association with Government of India, MSME Development Institute.

Language Club

The language departments of MESIOM conduct various activities in order to hone the literary, cultural and communication skills of the students through Maverix, Nudihabba, Surabharthi Vybhavam. Hindi department celebrates Hindi Divas.






MES Institute of Management actively participates in various sports events and regularly conducts sports meet in the college. Many indoor and outdoor sporting events are conducted. This aims at building up the sportsmanship spirit among the students and helps them take victories and defeats in their stride.

Students forum



Facilitates discussion among students regarding relevant issues of current affairs discussions are conducted every month in the classes based on the events of the previous ten days. Each student is encouraged to present his/her views and the class teacher moderates these discussions.




The Alumni Reunion is held on the 2nd Saturday of April every year which serves as a doorway to nostalgia, reminiscing memorable experiences and share details of mutual growth, achievements and advancement in various field.  The students of the previous batches are instrumental in providing a variety of assistance that help them be in touch with the graduates of MESIOM.